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古樹野綠 2015 (m100) / ANCIENT TREE GREEN TEA 2015 (m100)

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古樹野綠2015(m100) ANCIENT TREE GREEN TEA 2015(m100) 


AA 3星無添加 認證 ( 3 Star Anti Additive Certificate )AA sunintea.jpg




- 喬木型古茶樹,野林自然成長,風味有別於栽培型茶樹。





不澆水、不施肥 、無農藥、無除草劑

No Fertilization, No Irrigation, No Pesticide, No Herbicide

~ 喝口茶輕鬆一下,輕鬆隨手泡,維持體態﹑自然又健康 ~

3 Star Anti Additive Certificate

The idea tea for keeping your body fit, and rejuvenate after an exhausting day 

The 2015 spring tea is made by a unique green tea-processing technique. Savoring the tea soup slowly, you will experience the softness and sweetness bounces into your mouth and dances delicately on your taste buds. The flower flavors are long-lasting and sweet aftertaste. 

The tea is suitable for people never savor wild tea.

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About the tree tea:

- Unlike the conventional plantation tea, it is made from indigenous wild tea tree growing in the forest. 

-The older the tea tree is, the better the quality of the tea is. Rich in Healthy Composition.

-Like wine, the variety of weather and season can result in great differences among our tea. Every year have its unique flavors.

-With proper storage for a few years, the tea gets matured and changes to sweeter, deeper and more complex flavors.


年份:2015 年春季
Production year: 2015 spring
Ingredient:Tea leaves (Tree tea; Big-leaf tea)
Net weight: 50g
Tea tree age: >100 yrs old
Appearance: Twist loose tea
Packaging:Box, (L)7.5cm、(W)7.5cm、(H)17cm
Original: Thailand